Sheer Roller Blinds

Soft diffused light, and privacy, with sheer blinds.

Welcome!...Everything you'd want to know about sheer roller blinds is here on one page. Educate yourself through the comprehensive FAQS section. Measure without the stress, using the measuring made easy guides, and when the time comes, install like a pro. Gain confidence our products are some of the best made, by scanning customer reviews specific to our sheer roller blinds and service. To navigate so much info, use the handy 'nav bar' below, and when you're ready to send in window measurements, just hit 'Get A Quote'. Sheer blinds are DIY or SERVICE and if you have and questions or concerns, just fire them my way (Ryan).



Basic – Premium


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2–3 weeks


3 years


Soft Filtered Light / Full Privacy


3000 *(see FAQS)


Acmeda Components / Reputable NZ Fabrics

sheer roller blinds in the kitchen and dining areas

Perfectly in-between.

If a blockout is too, blockout, and a sunscreen doesn’t provide the privacy you need then maybe a sheer roller blind is the perfect in-between solution. In the living areas, sheer roller blinds can deliver soft diffused light during the day while still delivering complete privacy at night. It’s kind of doing what a separate sunscreen and blockout combined would be doing but in one blind, not two. You don’t have the view out through sheer roller blinds and they aren't suitable for bedrooms when used alone really. So not right for some situations however sheer roller blinds really hit the mark and save money in others.

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Low maintenance, high performance.

Like other roller blind products here, sheer roller blinds are so easy to install and operate. With so few working parts, and because we only offer lasting quality components, there’s so few things that can go wrong with sheer roller blinds. Smooth operation; pull the control chain for up, pull the control chain for down. Want it even easier than that? You could motorise them. Pick the supplier well; one that only uses proven parts, trusted fabrics, and proven practices and your sheer roller blinds will last for many years to come.

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sheer roller blinds creating soft diffused light in the lounge
sheer roller blinds in a window space of a new home

Best practises.

Time and time again I see people’s due diligence start and finish with matching the fabric between competing quotes. There is so much more that goes into ensuring blinds will last. Ok so you’ve picked a manufacturer that uses reputable fabric suppliers. What about the components that make up the blinds; the plastic bits, the control and idle ends, the head tubes, bottom-rails and brackets? Then there’s how they’re cutting and sealing the fabrics; at what pressure and speed? All these seemingly little things equate to how well your sheer roller blinds operate and how long they’ll last. None of these aspects are overlooked or compromised upon here. I’ve spent too long repairing poorly made blinds with inferior parts to be involved in making them that way.

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Service or DIY?

Need the full service? We cover most main New Zealand centres; so sit back and get us to check measure and install for you. Hit ‘Get A Quote’ and provide rough measurements initially for pricing however. On the webform choose the service option. If you’re the DIY type, we’ve got you covered too. All the measuring and installation details can be found right here on this page. Once your sheer roller blinds are ready they are shipped right to your door, anywhere within NZ a courier will go.

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sheer roller blind on window looking out to the driveway
soft diffused light created by sheer roller blinds in the lounge of a new home

Matching ranges.

All the sheer roller blind fabrics we offer have matching blockout fabrics. Bear this in mind when you’re picking colours and designs to enhance the décor of your home. You’re not limited to having to choose just blockouts or just sheer roller blinds. This really opens things up in practical terms as you can now deliver what a specific space within your home needs light wise knowing the fabrics can match throughout.

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Save you money.

If like many you’re getting roller blinds throughout your home don’t overlook the sheer brilliance of the sheer roller blind. Many blockout roller fabric ranges have sheer roller blind fabrics to match. In some areas of your home where initially you were going to get both a sunscreen and a blockout in one window; one carefully placed sheer roller blind instead may have just saved you the cost of a blind. Add those savings up over several windows and suddenly your window covering quote or spend looks quite different.

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sheer roller blinds in bay window area of a home
sheer roller blind in an apartment with a view

Great blinds aren't rushed.

Once the necessary details are locked down and the go ahead from you is given; your new sheer roller blinds usually take between 2–3 weeks to skilfully manufacture. Allow 1–4 days for shipping depending on where you are located or for your installation to be organised. Sheer roller blinds made with care will always out last bulk made rushed ones. View the ‘key questions to ask’ section above and in the FAQS to make sure you’re ordering lasting quality products.

All our sheer blinds are made in NZ

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Choose colour and design.

Use the fabric selector below to play around with colours and designs to choose what is going to work for you. Inside the fabric selector you’ll be able to filter by colour, design, and price level as you wish. There are no direct Chinese imports here; all our fabrics without exception come from reputable NZ based fabric suppliers. These sheer roller blind fabrics have been designed to last in our NZ sun. Make a statement or select something neutral depending on your taste. If the fabrics and quote look good ask for a select number of fabric swatches to be sent out to you.


Stress-free measuring.

It’s not hard to get accurate measurements for your sheer roller blinds. Stay focused and follow the steps below. Where some go wrong is by skipping the measure thrice, cut once principle, or rushing, not holding the tape measure straight or incorrectly transposing the measurements. We’re going to measure three times and order once. Whether you need to install your sheer roller blinds ‘inside the reveal’ or ‘outside the reveal’, both measuring methods are available as downloadable pdf’s below. Inside the reveal is most common and is detailed here…

Measure in 3 steps

1. How wide?

With a measuring tape that provides millimetres we’re going to calmly approach the window or door space and measure inside your window reveal; hard ‘wood to wood’ dimensions without making any deductions. The factory will make any required deductions to your sheer roller blinds for you. The approach to measuring width that never fails if applied with steely resolve is to measure the width at three different heights in the window space and note the smallest measurement only. This repeated action exposes any warping or bowing in your window frames and has you reading that tape measure 3 times. Measure at the top of the window space, somewhere in the middle, and at the bottom of the reveal. Be conscious of holding the measuring tape level as this will ensure correct measurements. Measure wood to wood; inside edge to inside edge, in millimetres. Don’t struggle trying to perform these steps on the wider window and door spaces alone; grab a family member or friend to get in on the action. Remember it’s the shortest dimension in mm’s we’re interested in.

2. How high?

You can relax a little now while measuring the drop; it’s not as crucial as measuring width, however don’t let your guard down; we still want to get this right. The height need only be measured once as there’s always a little extra fabric in the roll to allow for any small anomalies. Hold the measuring tape vertical and measure in millimetres. If you’re now a converted believer in measuring twice then do it; it's a good way of ensuring you read the measuring tape correctly if you do it more than once.

3. Final measurements.

Don’t let your accomplice, if you have one, distract you at any time. Now is not a time for stories of last weekend; the same numbers on the tape measure want to find their way to the ‘Get A Quote’ form and in the same sequence. No typo’s equal no pain and suffering later. Follow these steps and you will be DIY worthy. You will receive perfect sized sheer roller blinds every time. If we’re check measuring and installing for you the same dedicated focus perhaps isn’t needed as small final measurement differences won’t change the price much.

Download PDF measuring instructions: Inside the Reveal Outside the Reveal

closeup view of a sheer roller blind

Installation made easy.

We’re going to get those sheer roller blinds installed without any fuss or stress. The following instructions outline the installation of sheer roller blinds within the window reveal, which is the most common approach. However for the outside fit approach (if that’s what you measured for initially) see all the installation PDF’s below. Three easy steps; just follow along…

1. Items required.

Assemble what you’ll need. The list looks something like this: the screws and brackets (as supplied). A screwdriver to match. Or if you’re qualified to handle a power drill, then one of those with the right bit to fit the screws. A 2mm drill bit to pre drill the holes – makes screwing the screws in easier and with less chance of cracking wood. Don’t forget the tape measure to keep things consistent, a pencil to mark where the screws will go, and maybe for the hard to reach spaces or for the vertically challenged, a step ladder. You’re good to move to step 2.

2. Brackets next.

Brackets; essential for any great sheer roller blind install. Two brackets per blind; the one with the ‘pokey-outey’ tab matches up with the control end of the sheer roller blind. The other bracket, the one with the groove and hole in it is for the ‘idle’ or ‘pin end’ of the blind. Think about how deep within the reveal you want the sheer roller blind to sit. You want it placed so the fabric ‘falls’ within the reveal ideally and misses any window handles or latches etc. Hold the bracket in place while you mark the screw locations. Two screws per bracket up through the top of the bracket is the way to go. The measuring tape helps you set the brackets at the same depth within each window reveal, for superior blind placement consistency. Pre drill holes if you like then insert and tighten screws so those brackets are good and secure.

3. Fit blind.

Remove the sheer roller blind from its packaging. Or not? Read ‘TIP 1’ to decide how one is best to move past this predicament.

TIP 1: For light coloured fabrics or those of us with overly oily fingers you may be best to wear surgical gloves or keep the plastic packaging on (but with the ends cut off) so you can install your sheer roller blinds safe from smudges.

When installation is complete, remove the packaging by cutting or ripping the plastic off with care. Either way forward leave the band that keeps the blind rolled up, on, for now.

The control end of the blind gets put on its bracket first. Do in such a way that the control chain is hanging freely and the blind is at an orientation to ensure the control chain guard is level front to back. If once you’ve inserted the sheer roller blind’s control end, the guard isn’t level front to back, take the blind off and try again. It’s easy to get this bit wrong initially so don’t be so hard on yourself. Once the control end is on properly shuffle your grip so you can insert the idle end (other end) of the blind while still supporting the blind and keeping it pushed on to the control end bracket.

Raise the idle or ‘pin end’ of the sheer roller blind so the retractable pin finds the idle end bracket groove. You may need to retract the pin a bit, by turning the notched wheel, to get the pin into the bracket groove. Once in push the blind up until you hear the ‘click’ that says ‘I’m securely where I should be, thanks’. As soon as you have safely installed the sheer roller blind give yourself a pat on the back, remove the securing band from the blind, and set the blind where you want it.

Download PDF installing instructions: Inside the Reveal

Warranty words.

Sheer roller blinds come with 3 years worth of warranty regardless of fabric choice. Your warranty covers any defects in componentry, fabrics or workmanship under normal conditions of use. Your warranty does not cover your sheer roller blinds from misuse, negligence, improper maintenance, incorrect installation or accidental damage. These sheer roller blinds are carefully specced after years of blind repair experience with all blind brands. They are subsequently manufactured using lasting quality components and fabrics that last in NZ UV conditions.

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sheer roller blind over bifold doors in a homes lounge area

Download full warranty PDF: Warranty

Feedback specific to our sheer roller blinds.

Over 462+ Online reviews | 4.9 Google & 98% on no cowboys profiles

Ryan Ambler

Good communication, prompt, quality sheer roller blinds product.

Howard Sly

Miramar, Wellington - Oct 2020

Google Google | 5 Stars

Thanks for the review, Howard. Enjoy your new sheer roller blinds using palm beach light-filtering fabric. Thanks for your business, much appreciated.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

Great experience all round. Good communication and excellent workmanship. Thoroughly recommended. Ordered light filtering roller blinds for one window and were so pleased we went on and ordered an entire house lot.

Rachel Slater

Hobsonville, Auckland - Jun 2020

no cowboys |100% Rating

So glad you are happy with the light filtering roller blinds. Thanks very much for returning, and sending your business my way. Much appreciated, Rachel. All the best.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

I had spent lots of time to find high-quality sheer roller blinds at a reasonable price in the market. I had special colours in my mind and Ryan helped me to figure out. The sheer roller blinds conditions are very high quality and their price compared to others much lower. I believe he is a professional seller. Thanks for all of the time you spent for our order, Ryan.

Mehdi Ebr

Torbay, Auckland - May 2020

no cowboys |98% Rating

You're most welcome, Mehdi. It's good to spend time getting the fabrics and products just right for you. Perfectly said; I focus on lasting quality products only, for reasons that seem obvious to me, and am very competitive at this level of quality. Enjoy your new sheer roller blinds NZ. Thanks Mehdi, appreciated.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

Thanks for great service.

Vicki Watson

Manly, Whangaparaoa - Feb 2020

Google Google | 5 Stars

Thanks for your business, Vicki. Enjoy your new light filtering roller blinds! All the best.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler

Good communication throughout. Blinds arrived sooner than expected and were just what we wanted. Easy to install. We will be ordering more, thanks.

Really pleased with our light filtering roller blinds. Ryan communicated well throughout the process and even posted samples for us to check. Blinds ended up arriving sooner than expected. Thanks.

Karen Tews

Maitai, Nelson - Jun 2018

Google Google | 5 Stars     no cowboys |100% Rating

So glad you are happy with your light filtering roller blinds, Karen. Thanks for your business! Karen chose light filtering roller blinds in the Le Reve fabric range.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

I could see on the Blinds Online website that generally customers do their own measuring and ordering. But I wasn't confident about getting our complicated sunroom measurements right, and Ryan understood it needed an expert. He arrived promptly, figured out a custom solution and gave us some great options for fabrics, the quotes were fast and so I didn't even bother with other quotes. The work turned around in the promised time. The sheer roller blinds are beautiful, we are thrilled at the quality and service.

Catherine Smith

Birkenhead, Auckland - Apr 2018

Google Google | 5 Stars     no cowboys |100% Rating

Thanks Catherine, I really enjoy making sure people get the right solution for their needs and budget. Those sheer roller blinds really enhance that sunroom area – great fabric choice, Catherine. All the best and happy to help again in the future. Anyone reading this; we provide DIY or SERVICE, depending on your needs. DIY nationwide on most products and measuring/installing services in most of the larger centres. Just email me and I'll definitely help if I can.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

I have used Ryan many times to measure, quote and supply myself or my clients with blinds. He has been a pleasure to work with. He is reliable and punctual and supplies a quality product. He is competitive on price and would totally recommend him to anyone requiring any of his products.

Sandy Medway

Takapuna, Auckland - Feb 2017

no cowboys |100% Rating

Thanks for the great review, Sandy. You are always welcome. Thanks for all the business and recommendations. Enjoy all the blinds. I particularly like how the light filtering roller blinds have worked out in you lounge and kitchen areas!

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

Good quality blinds delivered on time and at almost half the price of other competitors. You can't ask for much else. High recommended.

Rhys Parker

Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland - Nov 2016

no cowboys |95% Rating

Thanks Rhys, most appreciated. Thanks for your business. Enjoy the light filtering roller blinds.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

Our new sheer roller blinds look amazing! A high quality product and great value for money. Ryan was always very quick to reply to the many questions and queries that I had. Highly recommended.

Melissa Hooykaas

Cockle Bay, Auckland - Oct 2016

no cowboys |98% Rating

Thanks very much Melissa; it was a pleasure and I thank you very much for your business. Enjoy the space those sheer roller blinds create. Thanks for the review too, much appreciated.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

I cant recommend Ryan from Blinds Online anymore highly than possible. He was the best on pricing, best on service and best on installation for our new build. Very knowledgeable and trustworthy. Highly highly recommend. Thank you Blinds Online for such a great service. Sam from Westmere.

Sam van Houts

Westmere, Auckland - Mar 2016

Google Google | 5 Stars     no cowboys |100% Rating

Thanks Sam, enjoy the automated light filtering roller blinds. Thanks so much for the review and your business!

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

Ryan has been amazing to deal with, he has gone out of his way to find options that met our requirements and our budget. We are super happy with the light filtering roller blinds and also the on-going customer service that he has provided.

Tia Wylie

West Harbour, Auckland - Feb 2016

no cowboys |100% Rating

Woohoo thanks Tia, you're most welcome. Thank you so much for your business and taking the time to write such a good review. Enjoy those lovely light filtering roller blinds.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

My experience with Blinds Online was excellent. The company Business Manager was very professional, helpful and persistent (not pushy). Ryan provided superb customer support, was patient during the product pricing and selection process, and remained committed to providing a solution that we would be happy with, from a budget perspective and aesthetically. My light filtering roller blinds look and feel great and I'm very happy with the quality. I would highly recommend Blinds Online Ltd.

Mercia Martin-Hughes

Pokeno - Jul 2015

no cowboys |100% Rating

Thanks so much for such a great and comprehensive review, Mercia! Great choice with the light filtering roller blinds, they look good. Nice soft ambient light. All the best to you and your family.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

It was a pleasure to deal with this company - Ryan's communication was great, he was very professional, and best of all was his awesome after sale service, which can be a rare thing these days. I'm really happy with my two light filtering roller blinds - it was probably a small job for Blinds Online, but they didn't treat it that way - would definitely use them again & recommend to others.

Joanne Bunn

Belmont, Auckland - May 2015

no cowboys |98% Rating

No job is too big or too small; thanks for your business, Joanne. Glad you liked the service and the light filtering roller blinds are just what you wanted. All the best and thanks again.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

We chose to get a quote from Blinds Online because of their high ratings on No Cowboys. I emailed them Sunday evening, got a prompt reply and Ryan came to quote the following morning before we went to work. We were always confident of receiving a quality product and reliable service and they certainly delivered both. Something that was really helpful was, that they left a decent 1m2 sample for us to tape on the window and this really helped us to choose the best blind fabric for our needs. Thank you.

Jenny Kempster

Western Springs, Auckland - Dec 2014

no cowboys |100% Rating

You're most welcome, Jenny. Glad I could have assisted so quickly and that you've been impressed with the service and product. Glad you like the light filtering roller blinds and other blinds too. All the best.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

I can't recommend these guys highly enough. After an initial email went astray, this was followed up and more than made up for with impeccable and super friendly service. The light filtering roller blinds were installed exactly when they said they would be and are exactly what we wanted. High quality products at competitive prices, installed quicker than anybody else - perfect.

Helen Kilding

Takapuna, Auckland - Nov 2013

no cowboys |100% Rating

Thanks for your business and great feedback, Helen. The light filtering roller blinds throughout create such nice living spaces light wise. Great choice! Enjoy, and it was great to meet you!

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler



Can people see in through sheer roller blinds at night?


We don't currently sell any sheer roller blind fabrics which can be seen through. They are all opaque. There are some sheer roller blind fabrics on the market with a slightly more open weave however even those wouldn't compromise your privacy I'd say. During the day when your sheer roller blinds are down you'll get nice soft diffused light. At night you have absolute privacy. You'd have to literally almost touch the fabric for someone to see a blurry shape at best. If you're still unsure about this aspect of sheer roller blinds I'd encourage you to request your desired fabric ranges to borrow and see for yourself.


For bedrooms, generally no. People want more blockout type window coverings than what sheer roller blinds provide. Sheer roller blinds deliver soft diffused light during the day. In saying that I have sold sheer roller blinds where the client overruled this notion and deliberately wanted to wake with the day – so blockout wasn't his fabric type of choice. If you were going the 'wake with the sun approach', like this chap, you'd want to think about whether you had any pesky street lights near your bedroom windows at all. For media rooms you'll want more blockout control than what sheer roller blinds deliver.


Within any specific sheer roller blind fabric range, there is no price difference between colours. Take the 'Serengetti LF' range for example: there is no price difference between the 13 colours available in that range. There are however significant price differences between varying sheer roller blind fabric ranges. 'Serengetti LF' would produce a higher quote than say 'Skye LF' for example.


All sheer roller blind fabrics we offer are from reputable NZ based fabric suppliers. They have been tested and proven to outlast generic rip-offs. Between the fabric ranges we offer, there are no quality differences as such. The differences in cost come down to the usual reasons; manufacturing volumes, supplier size, fabric weave complexity, eco practices, certifications, and demand. For your reference the available sheer roller blind fabrics are listed below from most economical to higher end price wise. If you find your initial quote is over budget, let me know and we can select a more suitably priced fabric range to suit you. From my vast repair and maintenance experience I encourage people to ensure the blinds they are considering use Acmeda componentry. All our sheer roller blinds are manufactured using Acmeda componentry.

LE REVE LF, MANTRA LF & SKYE LF: Most economical ranges available.

JERSEY LF, LINESQUE LF, METROSHADE LF & TUSK LF: These are all priced the same as each other at the mid range price level.

BALMORAL LF, PALM BEACH LF & ST LUCIA LF: Higher end cost wise.

SERENGETTI LF: The most expensive sheer roller blind fabric available. Simply exquisite.

Here's the full sheer roller blind online fabric selector.


There's much confusion between what a sheer roller blind (also called a light-filtering roller blind) is, when compared to a sunscreen roller blind. And it seems many people are largely unaware that sheer roller blinds even exist as a window covering option. Let me clear the differences up here. With sunscreens, you keep your view, to some degree, while cutting back the sun's heat and glare. Meanwhile, you can't see through sheer roller blinds (some rare exceptions however not with any options we offer). Sheer roller blind fabrics aren't blockout; they create nice soft diffused light during the day. Choose sheer roller blinds for non bedroom areas where you want the option of complete privacy day or night but still want light during the day. And the view isn't important. If a blockout is too much and a sunscreen doesn’t provide the privacy you need (at night) then a sheer roller blind may be the perfect in-between solution for you. You get complete privacy night and day with sheer roller blinds. It’s almost doing what separate sunscreen and blockout blinds combined would be doing, but in one blind, not two, and without complete blockout. You hopefully get the idea. Sheer roller blinds are the forgotten roller blind cousin; largely underrated but the perfect solution in the right situation.