Wooden Venetians

Not all wooden blinds in the blinds industry are created equal – ask your potential wooden blinds supplier what timbers they use, what they coat the slats with, how many coats, how they apply it, and how they guarantee the cords and ladders will stand up to the NZ sun. I've hand selected from two different blinds manufacturers to deliver you the best value and quality across different price levels

Our best priced wooden blinds are the 50mm Venetian blind in Basswood (white only). If that's what you're after, select it, along with entering your blinds dimensions at, Get A Quote

All our natural wooden blinds add warmth and character to any interior space and are all handcrafted, with care, in New Zealand. A painted wooden blind provides a slick contemporary feel to your home.  If you love the qualities of fine timber blinds then our painted wooden blinds option is perfect for you. The timber we use is grown in sustainable forests worldwide, as well

Our higher end wooden blinds are 'Marupa'; which has a distinctive grain look and comes in the narrower 46mm slat size – this range has the most colours available. There is also a 60mm slat option in the Marupa (in Snow White only) for a very bold statement – almost shutter like these 60mm wooden blinds are the higher end price wise and look amazing in my clients homes

With all the benefits of longevity, thermal insulating & acoustic properties combined with the strengths of natural durability, our painted wooden blinds and timber blinds offer great value and practicality

Cedar has now been discontinued due to its escalating prices worldwide. Not all companies that claim they offer Cedar actually use Cedar. All our blinds cords and components are UV treated and colour co-ordinated to complete the wooden blind look and ensure longevity 

  • Composition 50mm Basswood (White only)
    46mm Marupa (painted & natural hardwood colours)
    60mm Marupa (White only)
  • Pricing Indication Mid Range to High End
  • Ideal For Controlling light direction, Bold statements
  • Not Recommended For Excessively wet areas
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Key Benefits Light easy lifting & professional look
  • Max Blind Width 2400mm
  • Lead Time 2–4 weeks incl. installation

Black (Marupa) 46mm

Black Marupa

Dark Oak (Marupa) 46mm

Dark Oak Marupa

Honey (Marupa) 46mm

Honey Marupa

Ivory (Marupa) 46mm

Ivory Marupa

Light Oak (Marupa) 46mm

Light Oak Marupa

Maple (Marupa) 46mm

Maple Marupa

Snow White (Marupa) 46mm

Snow White Marupa

Snow White (Marupa) 60mm

Snow White Marupa 60mm

Stone (Marupa) 46mm

Stone Marupa

Walnut (Marupa) 46mm


White (Basswood) 50mm

White Basswood