Vivid Shade 5%


Vivid Shade is a 70% PVC / 30% Polyester screen fabric. The 2x1 weave construction makes the fabric delicate to touch and offers a lovely clean view from the inside of the home, whilst offering subtle privacy from the outside. Vivid Shade provides a much clearer view than more traditional and heavier screen fabrics with a 2x2 weave construction 

Excellent fire retardancy and high level of UV protection, Vivid Shade is accredited by Oeko-Tex and Ecospecifier, suitable for both commercial and residential projects

  • Composition 5% Openness
    30% Polyester / 70% PVC
  • Pricing Indication Mid Range
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Max Blind Width 3000mm
  • Lead Time 2–4 weeks incl. installation


Vivid Shade Black

Black / Beige

Vivid Shade BlackBeige

Black / Bronze

Vivid Shade BlackBronze

Black / Sable

Vivid Shade BlackSable

Bronze / Grey

Vivid Shade BronzeGrey


Vivid Shade Charcoal

Charcoal / Grey

Vivid Shade CharcoalGrey

Linen / Bronze

Vivid Shade LinenBronze

Silver / Grey

Vivid Shade SilverGrey

Silver / Linen

Vivid Shade SilverLinen


Vivid Shade White

White / Bone

Vivid Shade WhiteBone

White / Grey

Vivid Shade WhiteGrey

White / Lily

Vivid Shade WhiteLily

White / Silver

Vivid Shade WhiteSilver

White / Stone

Vivid Shade WhiteStone