Tremont LF


We can't take the credit for it – our soft furnishing division designed it and we thank them for it!  With a subtle vertical texture this kind of design is very unusual in blind fabric.  If you are undecided between a bold texture and a plain, Tremont should be the balance you are looking for

With a Light Fastness score of 6+ on the Blue Scale you are ensured the colours will stay vibrant for many years to come

Taking Care: cleaning your blind fabric is essential, not only to remove surface dust and stains, but it will also increase the longevity of your blinds.  Use a feather duster, or a vacuum set on low with an appropriate attachment.  Always exercise caution when spot cleaning.  Use a clean lint-free cloth or sponge and dip it in warm water.  Dry gently with a clean towel.  Always make sure to test any cleaning product on a small, discreet section of the fabric.  Chemicals will permanently damage your fabric

  • Composition 100% Polyester
  • Ideal For Light filtering Rollers & Roman blinds
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Max Blind Width 2500mm
  • Lead Time 3–4 weeks incl. installation


AshTremont LF


BirchTremont LF


ChalkTremont LF


FrostTremont LF


SlateTremont LF