Honeycomb blinds come in either a blockout or light-filtering fabric in the colours below.  Blockout blinds are generally for bedrooms and media rooms – the fabric has a metallised lining and is 100% blockout.  These blinds fit snugly into your window frame with very minimal light gaps compared to say Venetians or Rollers

The Light-filtering (Translucent) range deliver a warm gentle glow while still providing complete privacy and UV protection for floors and furniture.  These are great through living areas and kitchens

The blinds are made from a quality non-woven polyester and come in a single cell construction which has a better than double glazing effect.  They are an effective barrier against cold windows and draughts and dramatically cut heating and air conditioning costs.  In summer they work just as well to keep your home cool – Warm in winter and cool in Summer by greatly reducing heat transfer at your windows

Honeycomb blinds are colour co-ordinated from the fabric, head and bottom rails through to the cords as well.  The fabric does not fade or fray giving you a sharp look for many years to come.  Easy to install – light and effortless to operate.  The other great thing about cellular blinds is that when pulled up they have a very small 'stack' – maximising your view and window space

Swatches can be send out if you are unsure choosing online.  After the colours below, BO = Blockout, LF = Light Filtering

Operating Systems: either (1) Bottom Up–with Cord Control, (2) Bottom Up–Cordless, (3) Top Down Bottom Up–Full Cordless, (4) Top Down Bottom Up–Cord & Cordless, or (5) Top Down Bottom Up–Full Cord Control (2 cords)

  • Composition Single cell pockets
    100% Blockout – non-woven polyester with metallised lining
    Light-filtering – non-woven polyester
  • Pricing Indication Midrange
  • Ideal For Warmth in Winter, Cool in Summer
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Key Benefits Superb insulation, Keeps you Warm in Winter & Cool in Summer, Minimal light gaps, Better than double glazing, Save on Energy Costs, Easy Install & Small Stack Size, Hard wearing & dirt resistant, Range of operating options
  • Max Blind Width 2400 X 2400mm (MIN Width 450mm)
  • Lead Time 5–7 weeks


IMG 5600 copy

Antique Linen BO

Antique Linen BO copy

Antique Moss LF

Antique Moss LF copy

Apricot Peach LF

Apricot Peach LF copy

Black BO

Black BO copy

Brandy LF

Brandy LF copy

Bungee Card BO

Bungee Card BO copy

Bungee Card LF

Bungee Card LF copy

Cascade Green LF

Cascade Green LF copy

Champagne Beige LF

Champagne Beige LF copy

Cloud Cream BO

Cloud Cream BO copy

Cloud Cream LF

Cloud Cream LF copy

Coral Pink LF

Coral Pink LF copy

Dust Blue LF

Dust Blue LF copy

Ivory Beige LF

Ivory Beige LF copy

Ivory BO

Ivory BO copy

Leaf Gold LF

Leaf Gold LF copy

Linen BO

Linen BO copy

Pink Mist LF

Pink Mist LF copy

Placid Blue LF

Placid Blue LF copy

Rosewood BO

Rosewood BO copy

Smoked Blossum LF

Smoked Blossum LF copy

Smoky Blue BO

Smoky Blue BO copy

Soft Gold BO

Soft Gold BO copy

White BO

White BO copy

White LF

White LF copy