Honeycell PALMA

The Honeycell cellular blinds are a versatile blind that offers a contemporary look to any room in the home
Depending on the colour you choose, warm glows or soft tones can be achieved

The range offers four configuration options including Standard Bottom up, Top down/ Bottom up, Motorised and Tensioned Skylight Honeycells. Available in Translucent and Blockout fabrics in a range of modern colours with co-ordinating head & bottom rails. The fabric is fade resistant and can be cleaned by lightly vacuuming

These are an ideal way to maximise the warmth of your home

(Colours yet to be loaded) – Swatches can be send out

Honeycell come as either: (1) Standard Bottom Up with Chain Control, (2) Top Down Bottom Up (2 chains), (3) Motorised–Bottom Up, or (4) Tensioned Skylight–Cordless

  • Composition Single cell pockets
  • Pricing Indication Entry Level (Homebrand Plus)
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Key Benefits Superb insulation, Minimal light gaps, Save on Energy Costs, Easy Install & Small Stack Size, Range of operating options
  • Max Blind Width 3000 W x 2700 D, (Skylight: 1500 X 1500)
  • Lead Time 4–5 weeks